An original, unique and soulful - Japanese female vocalist/
improvisor Shun Sakai appears in Singapore for the first time!

Shun Sakai is a legendary Japanese female vocalist/improvisor who is known for her soulful singing and interpretation of popular Japanese folk songs and Jazz. She continues to be adventurous with whom she performs with and experimenting with instrumentations that at times, can be obscure. She moves all ages, gender and nationalities with her passionate delivery of the songs she chose to sing no matter how controversial they may be. This time, she and the familiar face to the Singapore music scene, a Japanese pianist Aya Sekine will collaborate for a soul-to-soul hour of Japanese music, Jazz and beyond. There will be a most sought after flautist of the region, Rit Xu as special guest.

Date : 21st Nov 2015
Venue : Muzium Cafe (part of Blu Jaz Cafe)
Show times:
【1st set】Open 4:30pm / Start 5pm (1 hour)
【2nd Set】Open 6:30pm /Start 7
pm (1 hour)
Ticket :
Advanced $30 + 1 drink or food
Door $35 + 1 drink/food
★kids under $20

I am pleased to announce that I will have a concert with Aya Sekine(piano). It's the first time for me to be in Singapore and the very first time to sing with her who is known among many music lovers in the country. I feel very honored to be invited by such a respectable musician. If you would like to watch and listen to our collaborate for a soul to soul hour of Japanese music, Jazz and beyond. Please come along and watch us at Muzium Cafe on November 21. Also there will be a most sought after flautist of the region, Rit Xu as special guest

シンガポール行き、は初めてです。ましてや歌えるなんて、なんという楽しみだろうか。シンガポールの音楽シーンで強い牽引力となり、その持ち前の明るさと一緒に、多くのGIGを駆け抜けてらっしゃる 関根綾 AyaSekine(p)さんとのDUOです。大変楽しみ。サイゴンに住んであと1ヶ月程で2年になりますが、そう恵まれた環境とはいえない音楽シーンのなかでも、何回かのGIGを通してはっきり感じた事があります。楽器と日本語とが絶妙なサウンドを融合、クリエイトした時、言葉の壁を破って、日本語を知らない、様々な言語を使う人達にも大きななにかが伝えられるという事。それは様々な国のお客様、ミュージシャンの反応から教えられた事です。英語で歌うと同時に、日本語でも歌う......日本で歌うときとは又異にする言語との混沌のなか、大きな励みになっています。その殆どをシンガポールで育ち、音楽をやってきた綾さんとの共演、体調整え臨みたい。そうそう、お洒落しても、行きたい。