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1976年、伝説のJAZZ CLUB『MISTY』で歌い始める。翌年にははじめてのアルバム「Shun」がリリースされ、センセーショナルな反響を呼ぶ。リーダーアルバムを続けて計3枚、また手元にある無しを含めた多くのレコーディングに参加、と同時にほとんど休まずに歌う約2年半を過ごしたが、突然渡米する。


2004年辺りからそれまでの活動を見直し、新たな音とうたの可能性を模索・探求の中に敢えて飛び込む。従来の音・歌のあり方から大幅に変化すべく、即興演奏・民族音楽の影響・トラディショナルへの傾倒を反映しつつ、セッションではない継続を、演奏家たちとの終わりのない共同作業へとその時間は積み重ねられて行き、09年には8年ぶりの2枚組「Night At The Circus vol.1」を、10年には、「PLAYS STANDARD vol.1」「a few little things」を制作。ジャケットは、絵本作家荒井良二氏の描き下ろしイラスト24作品……という豪華盤を2枚同時発売する。そして12年には「螺旋階段な日常」を、この後、ベトナムはホーチミンに住むことになったが、14年にはジパングプロダクツより「花巻農学校精神歌」をリリース。平均年二回ほど日本に往き歌うといういいリズムが出来てきた頃、かつてない世界最大級とも言われるパンデミックを異国の地、発展途上国で体験することになる。


In 1976, Shun started her career as singer at legendary Jazz Club ‘Misty’ in Roppongi, Tokyo. A year after her stage debut she released her first album ‘SHUN’ and had several sensational hits. Soon to follow were two more successful albums and countless collaborations with other musicians.

The following years were spent constantly touring and performing, until the sudden epiphany which brought her to the USA, opening her eyes to see the world and her performance from another perspective. Shun made the most of her time in the USA exploring an entirely different culture. When it was time for her to start a family she returned to her native Japan.

After an extended hiatus raising her son, Shun decided to make a return to the music scene. Perhaps it was the time spent away from her homeland that led her to add some classic Japanese songs to her repertoire. It was during this period Shun first recorded ‘Mangetu No Yuube’ (Evening of the Full Moon), which would go on to be one of her signature songs. The song is about the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, in which over six thousand lost their lives. The song was written in the period immideatley following the earthquake, and went on to net Shun the Japan Composer’s Association Japan Record Award for Best………. Shun has performed on NHK many times, and her songs have been used on many movies and TV dramas, providing an even wider exposure of her talents.

In the period around 2004, Shun began to further explore new possibilities in sound and voice. Her interests and style left convention behind and moved to a more tribal, improvised sound that can not be defined in a single category. During this exploration, Shun released an experimental album ‘Night at the Circus vol 1’. This was followed by the release in 2010 of two more albums, ‘Plays Standard vol 1’ and ‘A Few Little Things’, both of which were marked departures from her earlier recordings. Yet through her doubtless talents both received commercial success. Both albums were also notable for their cover art provided by leading artist Ryoji Arai.

After these 3 albums Shun has found contentment and even greater confidence in her style and sound. Shun’s latest album Daily life of Spiral Staircase with Alt saxophonist Eiiti Hayashi and pianist Nobumasa Tanaka was released in 2012, and has become an important contribution to the catalogue of this prolific and ever evolving artist.